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Fulfilling A Promise To Help Others

After being diagnosed with breast cancer while working on her bachelorís degree, a Tufts graduate is focused on helping women living with the disease.

Swampscott, Mass. [6-18-04] When Marilyn Glazer-Weisner was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2000, she promised to devote her life to helping women living with the disease. Now in remission four years later, the Tufts graduate is fulfilling her promise. Last week, Glazer-Weisner helped raise money for a 10K walk to fund cutting-edge equipment to treat patients with breast cancer.

"A feeling of exhilaration overcomes you when you see so many survivors,Ē Glazer-Weisner told the Swampscott Reporter of the cancer walk. ďThereís a sense of satisfaction knowing that if you pay attention to your body and donít delay, you can overcome cancer, especially with regards to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer."

This is the third time that she has participated in North Shore Medical Centerís Cancer Walk. This year she was the co-captain of a North Shore Community College team that raised more than $1, 800 for the June 13th event.

Money raised goes towards new technology that will allow doctors to provide faster treatment. Glazer-Weisnerís own road to recovery began while she was studying at Tufts. She was working on her bachelorís degree -- as well as raising three children -- when she learned of her own diagnosis.

"I kept thinking, how could this be happening now, when I have three kids to live for and was trying to establish a career to support them." Glazer-Weisner told the Reporter.

Despite her battle with the disease, Glazer-Weisner did not give up on her studies, her work, or her role as a mother. After being diagnosed, she made arrangements for surgery on a holiday so it would not interrupt her work at Tufts or her work as a tutor at North Shore Community College.

A Tufts fellow graduate introduced her to the surgeon at North Shore Medicalís Salem Hospital who performed her successful surgery in March of 2000. After a few weeks recovery she was returned to her usual daily activities. With the cancer walk successfully completed, the Tufts graduate is setting her sights on a new projectóan event to take place this fall featuring a panel of cancer survivors sharing their success stories. Glazer-Weisner has already volunteered to be a speaker.

"Glazer-Weisner plans to keep doing everything in her power to help women suffering from breast cancer," wrote the Reporter.