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Case Studies
  "Marilyn is by far, the best language instructor I have ever hired. She is the consummate professional in every way, and brings an extremely high level of enthusiasm to her work. Her students can't help but be engaged the minute she walks into the classroom."
Maggie Mehaffey

Her top qualities:
• Gets results
• Personable
• Expert


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What They're Saying About Marilyn Glazer-Weisner

  "Thank you so very much! I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude! You have given me the greatest gift of 2009! As the Talmud teaches 'One who saves one life, saves the world entire'. You have saved my professional life, and given me the greatest gifts, knowledge and love, for which I am a changed person. You have passed on the passion, that I felt was faltering during these months. Thank you. "
  "First let me say that six weeks has been like six days. It has just flown by. Six weeks ago I remember sayint to someone that I jus knew it would be great to be in a class with you. How wrong I was! It was spectacular! What a personality you have! The most wonderful sight was when your eyes lit up after discovering your student had "caught on". How wonderfully lucky we are to have someone like you to teach."
  "Thank you for the Spanish Course and for sharing the gift of your teaching. I have known for some time that NSCC fosters a spirit of caring and attracts the most gifted teachers. However, I never expected to encounter a teacher who gave from the heart with the enthusiasm you gave. Thank you for igniting such positive enthusiasm in us students."
  <<¡Muchísimas gracias por la clase! ¡Usted es una profesora excelente! Espero que tenga otra clase en el futuro con Usted. Me gusta aprender el español. Tiene muchos estudiantes contentos.>>
  "You have no idea how privileged I feel to have you as a profesora and someone to talk to about everything. I saw a thing on Oprah the other day about amazing and wonderful people nominations to win a trip for two to somewhere and I though of you — just thought I'd let you know. I think you are so amazing with all that you have been through — divorce, cancer, learning a second language, teaching, studying, and being a single mom when young, etc. I really do think you are quite genuine and it has been great to find someone like you as a mentor at such a time when I needed one most — especially in continuing learning a second language almost from scratch again."
  "Let me begin by saying that you have inspired me. You have inspired me as a person. You have inspired me as a woman. You have inspired me as an educator. I marvel at the moments when you have stood in front of the class and have been completely shameless in your love of learning; your love of knowledge. I love watching the effect that you have on our class. I see you as an intelligent, accomplished, soulful woman. Thank you."
  "I honestly want to let you know that I had a wonderful time since I have been taught English as my second language at this Corporation. The good thing is because you are a great teacher; you have such a great teaching style that I never had before. I met a couple of teachers at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston when I took my college English program there and another one at North Shore Community College also when I took my Spanish class for only a few months. They were good teachers, but you're the best."
  "Thank you so much for the help this semester. I could not have made it through this class without your encouragement. Your zeal and love for what you do is inspiring."