Case Studies

By creating specially designed programs to address the language challenges faced by companies with a culturally diverse workforce, MGW Consulting teaches employees, staff and management to improve communication and increase productivity.
  • A telecommunications manufacturing corporation was wasting time and losing money because a portion of its workforce could not read or write sufficient English to perform their jobs safely and effectively. MGW Consulting designed a program emphasizing English as a second language in the workplace resulting in a marked increase in productivity.
  • To remove the language barrier that was slowing down a large landscaping firm, MGW Consulting facilitated a two hour bilingual staff meeting between the company's North American management team and its Latin American Employees
  • MGW Consulting taught the English speaking professional staff at an elder care facility to communicate with their Latin American clients.
  • The management team at a medical instrument manufacturing corporation wanted to learn some cultural behaviors when conducting business in Mexico. MGW Consulting designed and taught a workshop at their site.
  • The New England Faculty Development Consortium wanted a conference that focused on teaching diverse students for several colleges and universities. At the conference called, "Beyond Tolerance: Diversity and the Challenge of Pedagogy in American Higher Education", MGW Consulting presented a workshop called: "Looking at Education through the Lens of Culture: Our Multicultural Landscape".
  • The CEO of a privately owned English language learning academy wanted his business to grow into an international school. Accreditation is needed to make this dream a reality. MGW Consulting documented, prepared and faciliated the accreditation process.
  • MGW’s grant writing has gained her the title of Faculty Innovation Fellow, but even more importantly the grant enabled her to develop and implement a curriculum to train high-school youth to successfully mentor at-risk middle school youth in the City of Lynn. The goal of the mentor training is to decrease the high number of gang affiliated youth in that City by creating positive leadership development through healthy after school activities.
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