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Case Studies
  "Marilyn is by far, the best language instructor I have ever hired. She is the consummate professional in every way, and brings an extremely high level of enthusiasm to her work. Her students can't help but be engaged the minute she walks into the classroom."
Maggie Mehaffey

Her top qualities:
• Gets results
• Personable
• Expert


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NEW! English Language Learners Methods and Applications
A new course developed by Ms. Glazer-Weisner to prepare teachers, directors and literacy coaches to positively convey English language literacy skill instruction in their classrooms.
Email Ms. Glazer-Weisner for details.
Today's corporate landscape has changed to reflect the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of our society at large. Now companies of all sizes spanning industries of all types are benefiting from the contributions of smart, dedicated, hard working men and women from around the world. But often language and culture barriers create a climate of tension. Foreign speakers choose to remain silent rather than be misunderstood. Productivity decreases and enormous human potential remains untapped. It doesn't have to be that way. MGW Consulting has broken new ground in the field of cultural awareness in the workplace and has brought bilingual training from the classroom to the boardroom. By building bridges and connecting cultures MGW Consulting will show you how to unleash the power of your people.